We are a Finalist!

we are a finalist

Online-Only Watch Retailer of the Year- We are a finalist!

We are very excited to announce that for the second year in a row we have been nominated for WatchPro awards show in the category in the ‘Online-only watch retailer of the year‘. The very popular magazine and online publication showcases the latest watch news to the watch industry and each year it hosts an award show to exclusively showcase the very best in watchmaking for both retailers and brands. There are a number of categories including the following for retailers:

  • Multiple Fashion and Lifestyle Watch Retailer of the Year.
  • Independent Fashion and Lifestyle Watch Retailer of the Year.
  • Independent Luxury Watch Retailer of the Year.
  • Multiple Luxury Watch Retailer of the Year.
  • Online-Only Watch Retailer of the Year.
  • Omnichannel Watch Retailer of the Year.

And the following for the watch brands themselves:

  • Marketing & Merchandising Team of the Year.
  • Sales Team of the Year.
  • Executive Leadership Team of the Year.
  • Fashion/Lifestyle Watch Brand of the Year.
  • Luxury Watch Brand of the Year.
  • Branded Watch Boutique of the Year.

As mentioned above we have been nominated and now it has been released that we are a finalist for the award in our group alongside a number of other watch companies from the industry, the event takes place on 22nd November 2017 at the stunning Victorian ballroom in London.

“This is an event created to celebrate the extraordinary success of the British watch industry, and the people that have contributed to making this one of the world’s most professional and sophisticated markets,” says Rob Corder, managing editor of WatchPro.


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