Elliot Brown Broadstone UTC Clipper Race Limited Edition

clipper round the world race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

It is known as one of the greatest challenges of the natural world and truly is an endurance challenge like no other. The race comprises of 12 teams who are racing in identical 70-foot ocean racing yachts over 40,000 nautical miles. The teams must eat, sleep, race and live on these boats for the next 11 months of their lives in the ultimate survival race.

A race like this is you would expect to be filled with tough, well travelled men with years of experience under their belt, however this race is available to anyone to dares to enter. This year has a wide variety of individuals taking on the challenge including: nurses, taxi drivers, chief executives, vicars, housewives, students, bankers, engineers and rugby players. The entrants are put through their paces on a gruelling four week intensive training course to make sure they are fully trained for the diverse range of weather conditions that they will face.

Henri Lloyd have provided the entrants with extreme protection clothing to keep them safe and as dry as possible during their intrepid expedition, Elliot Brown are also providing watches to the competitors to rely upon. The Clipper Race UTC watch is built using the proven shock and water-proofing systems that make Elliot Brown watches so durable. The watches features unique dial graphics with hints to its nautical links. The watches indexes around the left-hand (port) half of the dial are red, whilst those on the right (starboard) half are green.

The watch has a UTC hand which is used to tell the time in another time zone using a 24 hour clock using an independently-adjustable red-tipped UTC hand, it is perfect for the entrants to keep an eye on the time back home keeping a link to their home as they travel around the world for 11 months away from friends and family. UTC is printed on the dial and for those who don’t know it stands for Universal Time Coordinated – the time standard used by race crews and officials as they navigate their way around the globe.

The watch is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and some are already taken by the racers, If you would like to ask which ones we have please do send us an email or call us and we will be happy to provide these for you. If you would like to buy one of the Clipper watches please click here.



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