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Orla Kiely was founded in 1995 to express visually, her love of pattern, colour and texture, which as components all play and work together. The brand quickly became synonymous with strong graphics and simplistic prints, whilst incorporating bold colour at it’s core. The combination of this with her love of all things mid-century, created charming, uplifting and instantly recognisable prints, taking everyday objects and putting a modern spin on them. You can visit their website here.

Orla’s first wholesale collection was a range of hats, however her father observed that not every woman wore a hat but every woman did carry a bag. After that she changed her product focus to handbags and her success grew from there.

From a small collection of accessories, commissioned by Harrods following her graduation from Royal College of Art, the range has grown to include a complete ready to wear collection, travel, home ware ad stationary. Through recent key licensee collaborations Orla Kiely has launched a range of eye wear, fragrances, watches and clocks. The fashion jewellery range launched in Spring 2016, and the sterling silver collection will launch in September 2016.

Orla Kiely is now a worldwide brand with stores in the U.S Japan as well as the UK.

Orla Kiely banner

Orla Kiely Customers

The orla Kiely customer is a stylish, creative and intelligent lady who doesn’t allow trends to define her look. They like to stand out and make a statement with what she wears and the style she uses. She appreciates excellent quality and design. Their core customer is aged between 25-40 however the Orla Kiely has a distinctive aesthetic which has appeal across a much wider age group, where a sense of style is the common trait among her customers rather than age.

Orla Kiely has cultivated a loyal following over the years including fashion icons and celebrities, including Kiera Knightly, Alexa Chung, the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother.

Orla Kiely banner

The Orla Kiely Fashion

Orla Kiely’s blend of vintage and modern is presented perfectly in her fashion collections. The balance between preppy and contemporary is portrayed in the detail, mixing ladylike pieces such as an A-line skirt with a playful polka dot pattern.

Alternatively, traditional knitwear paired with a novel motif, adds a touch of humour to her style.

A big favourite with the fashion press, Orla Kiely products are regularly featured in the glossy magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper Bazaar.

Orla Kiely banner

Orla Kiely Watches

This collection made by a UK watch company launched in autumn 2015 and has again been a big success both commercially and with press. Gecko worked closely with the watch licensee sharing information on best sellers and colour palettes for future seasons, to ensure every effort is made to guarantee the watch and jewellery collection which sit harmoniously together in store.

A consistent design concept for POS and packaging for watches and jewellery has been used to ensure they compliment each other nicely in the store environment.

Product Licenses

In addition to watches and jewellery, the Orla Kiely brand can be found on a huge array of products from clothing and fashion accessories, to ed linen, home accessories and now even bicycles which are a result of a collaboration with Halfords the outdoor leisure store. Orla Kiely has a huge range that spans more than 180 products sold internationally, from bedding to bags, cosmetics to coffee.

Sterling Silver

Embracing playful patterns and delightful animal motifs, the Orla Kiely sterling silver collection is a delicate interpretation of her signature style. The level of attention to detail within this collection is second to none, with unexected finishing touches really setting her sterling silver collection apart from the competition. Semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, create a lush, sparkly finish and are set into gorgeous gold plated and pain sterling silver.

Flora Collection

This collection has been inspired by Orla Kiely’s iconic four petal flower motif, which has been interpreted into a range of everyday pieces where the flower takes centre stage. This iconic group is destined to become bestsellers in this collection. The flora collection pieces are available in sterling sliver and 14ct gold plating.

Animal Stories Collection

Animals are a very important element of Orla Kiely’s print selection. In recognition of this Orla Kiely created a group of products that convey the playful, fun approach shes takes to her prints, the collection includes handbags, earrings, necklaces and rings.

Cute little motifs have been added to the end of the necklace extension chains, each relating to the animal on that pendant, giving each piece  an unexpected adorable detail, sure to resonate with the customer. Highlights of Swarovski and semi-precious stones add splashes of colour to what is sure to become a truly collectable range.

Betty Collection

The stunning flower cube collection is crafted with beautiful Swarovski gems which create subtle yet striking statement, with colours including light rose, topaz and fern green. The mix of vibrant hues has the appeal of sweeties in a candy shop! This is a collection where the Orla Kiely brand has incorporated the same flower pattern and colouration as on the watches.

Margot Collection

The stunning Margot Collection features further interpretations of Orla Kiely’s four petal flower motif. Semi precious stones such as tigers eye, red and peach quartz have been used to add some gorgeous colour to this collection, including the rotating flower group which allows the customer to wear the necklace and ring with the flower facing on either side, so effectively two pieces of jewellery in one. Innovative details like this ensure the collection has an edge which is synonymous with Orla Kiely.

Margot Collection – Semi Precious Stone Highlights

Tigers eye

Mined in all corners of the world, the tigers eye has a truly exquisite fibrous structure giving it its lustrous and reflective qualities. Bringing an element of abstract patterns and depth of colour. With its silky brown hues, the stone was a perfect choice for the Orla Kiely. Post retro trends of 70’s colours are being widely referenced in fashion currently.

Red Quartz

Quartz has been a timeless classic & a widely used stone. With incredible history in jewellery & adornment, it occurs naturally in a beautiful array of colours. This vibrant and energetic citrus shade reflects the Orla Kiely aesthetic perfectly, Injecting a pop of colour in the designs, its warming tones drive this autumnal collection.

Peach Quartz

This soft and delicate gemstone originates from Brazil. Its intricate crystalline structure shines through in this particular shade, with varying layers of clear to cloudy. This chosen stone with its unique patterning echoes that of the Red Quartz & Tigers eye.

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