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Thomas Sabo Collections


Since 1984 the name Thomas Sabo has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery and watch designs of the highest quality and for high-end beauty products. Here at First Class Watches we would like to inform all our customers about our Brands and collections available on our website. In the info graphic below we have broken down the collections that Thomas Sabo offer to give you a background about them and more of an idea of Thomas Sabo’s ethics as a company and a brand. If you would like to look at this brands range you can click here to view our Thomas Sabo Watches and you can click here to view our Thomas Sabo Jewellery.

The Company Statement

A major aspect of this brand is individuality: our diverse designs for pendants, earrings, chains, rings, beads and bracelets are harmonised and can be combined perfectly with one another. This gives rise to a quite personal look and unique jewellery statements emerge. Our aim is to offer every customer – whether man or woman – the ideal accessory for every outfit and for every occasion. You can then reinvent yourself every day, from timeless classic to way-out rock ‘n’ roll style.

They manufacture a whole range of products including Fine Jewellery collection, Perfume & Beauty, Charm Club collection, and the Sterling Silver collection. We hope that you enjoy this guide and if you have any further questions or queries regarding the brand please get in touch with us by email or alternatively call us on 01926 298 499.


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