Women’s Watches Gift Guide for 2012

It’s time to start planning out gifts for the lovely ladies in our lives and since we are always talking about fashion and watches, we of course are going to show you some of the top women’s watches for 2012.

There have been quite a few astounding designs this year that it has been hard to pick, but don’t fret! There are some amazing options.

Women’s Watches Gift Guide for 2012

Ladies watches come in a wide variety of styles & designs, that it was hard to pick out these watches. We know you want the best of the best, but also the most affordable options too. Having the best of both worlds is great so we are going to show you some low budget watches as well as some higher budget watches.

First, lets take a look at some of the more popular watch brands of the year:

Each of these brands has a huge selection of styles available which has helped them become popular choices throughout the entire year.

Since these are some of the more popular brands of 2012, we’ve incorporated a watch from each brand that was one of the most popular watches of the year. Each watch has their own unique features and style, which does set them out compared to other watches.

D & G Watch of 2012

D & G watchThe D & G Ireland watch was one of the most unique & popular designs from D & G watches. With its gold plated steel logo bracelet and silver dial design, it hit the mark for many ladies all year long.

The watch is placed in the medium range for price making it an affordable option for this holiday season.

You can learn more about the D & G Ireland watch now.

Guess Watch of 2012

Guess watchGuess is a popular fashion brand and has become a popular watch brand over the years. Guess watches provide an abundance of options at affordable pricing, without sacrificing any style or quality. For 2012, the Guess Candy Pop watch has become one of the more popular Guess watches.

It boasts with its fixed Swarovski crystals making it the perfect fashionable timepiece of the year.

You can learn more about the Guess Candy Pop watch now.

Fossil Watch of 2012

Fossil WatchThere are some timepieces that make a mark in the watch industry and the ladies Fossil Brown Leather Stainless Steel watch has done just that. Its simplistic, yet elegant design has made this watch a top contender in the Fossil watch line up. It is a very affordable watch that is perfect for everyday wear.

Its lightweight design with its stylish stainless steel casing makes it the perfect everyday timepiece.

You can learn more about the Fossil Brown Leather Stainless Steel watch now.

DKNY Watch of 2012

DKNY watchWhen it comes to DKNY, you first think fashion but you should be thinking watches. DKNY offers an astounding selection of stylish and unique watches. The DKNY Ladies Multicolour Sparkle watch became one of the most unique and popular DKNY watches of 2012 with its unique, yet stylish design.

It is a functional timepiece for everyday wear, and the perfect way to spice up any fashion statement you’re hoping to make!

You can learn more about the DKNY Ladies Multicolour Sparkle watch now.

Calvin Klein Watch of 2012

CK watchCalvin Klein has always been a big competitor in the fashion industry and this watch is proof as to why. The Calvin Klein Graceful watch is one of the most elegant and stylish Calvin Klein watches of the year. It is perfect for a night out and everyday wear.

Its graceful design attracts the eye instantly and the perfect timepiece for every woman. The materials used are scratch resistant as well, making it great for every woman and whatever they can throw at it.

You can learn more about the Calvin Klein Graceful watch now.

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