Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch – First Look

Until now, Bluetooth watches have been rather geeky affairs and unafraid to show it. While I have no issue with this, it certainly doesn’t help those of us who like our watches to look a little more elegant and cool. This is where the Citizen Proximity steps in.

A Whole New Look?

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was just a standard Citizen watch. The face is clear and easy to read and with no intrusive scrolling LED’s or otherwise disruptive features. A small Bluetooth symbol is the only clue that this watch is more than meets the eye.

With Bluetooth, your watch can keep in contact with your phone up to a distance of two metres, allowing your phone and watch to interact and keep you better informed. Syncing to your mobile phone, the Proximity’s second hand subtly moves to the appropriate label on the inner bezel to inform you if you have missed a call or received a text or email.

Once you’ve glanced at the watch the second hand then gets back to it’s day job of ticking away. Very slick. The genius of this watch is that to all intents and purposes you are merely checking the time, not checking if that girl you’ve been chatting up has text back yet. It also runs on the new Bluetooth 4.0 which is incredibly efficient and means you won’t have to worry about the battery any more than you would with a normal watch.

Citizen Proximity Meets Its Mark

The Proximity is a great example of watches becoming more intimate and involved in our lives.  Many people now disdain watches in favour of their phones but the Proximity starts to blur that line… How many times have you checked your phone for a text or call that you may have missed today? How about all week?

The Proximity may not immediately sound like a great step forward but it’s undeniable that glancing at your wrist is a great deal easier and more subtle than whipping out your iPhone. Which brings me to a bit of a niggle; The Proximity can currently only sync with the iPhone 4S. For me this isn’t an issue as I, and of course many others, use this phone. But for those who use HTC or Samsung you’ll have to wait until Citizen can release a more widely compatible watch.

All in all, a great watch with the added bonus of Bluetooth, further integrating your watch into your life.

While the Citizen Proximity isn’t ground breaking in the tech department, it certainly wins points for having style where others have had, well, just Bluetooth. Hopefully at some point Citizen will broaden their model to sync with other phones, it seems a shame to waste such time in design and production to sell themselves short. With Eco-Drive and an attractive design this is definitely a watch to keep an eye on.

For more specs and images check out First Class Watches.

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