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Men 'don't want ostentatious watches'

Article posted on 2010-11-18 11:55:05

Men who are keen to accessorise should go for subtle rather than ostentatious watches, according to a fashion writer.

Watches with low-key and subtle designs are likely to be very popular with male consumers this winter, a fashion writer has stated.

According to Amy Verner of the Globe and Mail, men who want to complement their outfits with accessories are favouring "distinctive yet dialled-back" watches at the moment.

She also noted that similarly understated cuff links are proving to be appealing options for many gentlemen.

This, she stated, shows that "ornamentation without ostentation" is a particularly popular theme among men this year.

Ms Verner added that during the holiday season, males who wear the right accessories would be able to "transform" their outfits.

Her observations come after research by Mintel found that watches are now seen as far more than time-keeping devices.

Figures showed that about 20 per cent of adults have a selection of watches designed to suit every occasion, as they are widely viewed as fashionable accessories.

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