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Missguided is a fashion brand that has increased in popularity over the last few years. They are iconic for their overall message, aimed at empowering women and their bodies with the beauty of fashion. If you are looking for a gift for a special woma
It’s the time of the year where the glitter comes out, the neon colours arise from the back of your wardrobe and you put your festival warpaint on. The festival culture is vibrant in the UK and the outfits match the environment and then some. I
Missguided is a popular street style brand that incorporates the latest fashion trends into their iconic collection. Established in 2009, the brand’s goal is to empower women’s bodies and also give women confidence all over the globe.
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Missguided Watches

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About Missguided

Missguided is a well known online fashion brand that has various collections of clothes, shoes, accessories and more. They began back in 2009, set up by Nitin Passl, as he was inspired by New York fashion week. He started his fashion brand with a £50,000 loan and his empire grew from there. There aren’t many young adults and teenagers that haven’t heard of this popular and upcoming fashion brand.

Missguided Style

The company have a strong desire to reach out to women who are interested in fashion and want to empower their bodies as well as helping their confidence grow. They design their clothes based on popular culture and street style, their movement- wanting to reach women all over the globe. This fuel for design is not only part of their clothing collections but also to their timepieces. The watches that Missguided have devised replicate street style including the latest trends of the year. With the wide variety of style, there is something for everyone within this empowering and on trend brand.

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