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Kenneth Cole Watches

Authorised retailer for Kenneth Cole Watches. Kenneth Cole are a famous American fashion house who are known for their line of shoes. They are one of the top shoe manufacturers in the world and they have put as much dedication and inspiration into their line of watches that they did with their shoe and clothing line. The Kenneth Cole watch range is a modern collection with a unique, sophisticated style.

Brand History

Kenneth Cole founded his company in 1982 and used incredible creativity to bring his first range of shoes into the public eye. Kenneth Cole wanted to preview his shoes at the New York Hilton Market Week, but could not afford to. He enquired about hiring a trailer to park two blocks away from the hotel but was told that trailers were only available to production companies. Kenneth Cole refused to take no for an answer and changed his company's name to "Kenneth Cole Productions" then applied for a permit to film a full length film called "The Birth of a Shoe Company." In 2 days he sold 40 thousand pairs of shoes and chronicled the start of the company on film. The company is still called "Kenneth Cole Productions" today in honour of the unusual start to the company. The first Kenneth Cole watches were released in 1996 and were accompanied by a popular advertising campaign which proclaimed that "Kenneth Cole Is Doing Time."

Quality Style

Kenneth Cole watches are incredibly stylish, with distinctive ranges of mens watches and ladies watches. The Kenneth Cole watch range is a incredibly elegant and a node to classic watch design. The use of quality materials throughout the range Kenneth Cole have created a range of watches that work as beautifully as they look.

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