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About Boccia Watches Boccia watches are a leading brand in luxury watches throughout the world. The Boccia brand are famous for building beautiful watches which are also strong and durable. Boccia watches are made from titanium, a durable material which is incredibly resistant to corrosion. The range of Boccia watches is extremely wide and there will be a beautiful, durable watch somewhere in the range to suit everyone's style.

Brand History

Boccia watches were created by the Universal Watch Co in 1996. The Universal Watch Co was founded by Raphael Cohen in 1994 who used his love of technology to build a wildly successful watch company. The Boccia brand became instantly famous because it was the only line in the world where all the watches are made of titanium. Watch enthusiasts quickly fell for Boccia watches and they immediately became a strong, durable match for the competition.

Titanium Meets Technology

Boccia watches are incredibly strong and durable with the entire range being developed from Titanium. This hypo-allergenic material is gentle on the skin too, so the watches in this range are perfect for people with sensitive skin. The Boccia watch collection isn't lacking in features either, the Boccia Titanium B3772-02 Gents Watch features multiple chronographs and water resistance to 100 meters. Boccia watches are a trustworthy choice for people with active lifestyles and a fashionable option for those who want to wear a watch with style.

Sleek and Simplicity in One

The Boccia ladies watch collection is not lacking in elegance. The beautiful ladies watches in this collection feature sleek styles and petite designs. It is important to have diversity in any watch collection and the Boccia range features a wide variety of styles. The Boccia Titanium B3158-02 Ladies Watch is a great example of the sleek style included in the Boccia ladies range.

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