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A Guide On Buying Radley Watches

A Guide On Buying Radley Watches

When buying Radley watches, you become a part of a bright passionate legacy. Radley is a London fashion brand with a distinctive style, focused on creating fun accessories full of personality. Founded in 1998, the brand started off its fashion journey through the world of handbags but has since branched out into many aspects of the fashion industry, also adding watches, jewellery and other accessories to their already impressive portfolio. Radley’s passion for good craftsmanship and their desire to blend the functional with the stylish can be seen throughout its designs. The brand’s core values are centred around using high-quality materials and encouraging creativity and playfulness in their products.

Probably the most characteristic part of the image is its Scottish terrier icon. With its unforgettable charm, unmistakable outline and iconic red collar, the very British looking Scottie became the brand’s icon. Used to represent the spirited brand identity of Radley it encompasses the light-hearted, yet bold and confident nature of the brand. 

Radley has carried on this incredible lively spirit into their watch designs. The brand’s fashion timepieces are created with women in mind and offer a functional way for you to add a touch of flair and personality to your wardrobe. Whether worn as everyday accessories, to formal events or as a cheerful addition to your work attire, Radley’s watch designs are always versatile and charming.

A Guide On Buying Radley Watches

Radley Rose Gold Plated Half Bangle

The intertwined bracelet design on this model is elegant and unique. The half bangle style of the bracelet allows the watch to be worn both as a stylish daily timepiece and as a luxurious accessory to evening and semi-formal events. The watch is rose gold PVD plated. A very light blush pink dial with rectangular rose gold indices complements the rose gold of the case and bracelet. The design of the timepiece is completed with the iconic Scottie medallion, attached to the watch’s case. The medallion is in PVD plated rose gold as well, with the Radley name and white enamel. 

mesh scottie

Radley | Women’s Silver Mesh Bracelet | White Dial | Dog Charm

Another incredibly versatile and stylish piece, the dual-tone metal design of the watch is sophisticated yet casual. The model manages to include the brand’s creative and youthful tone in a more mature and sophisticated way through the youthful design of the dial and by combining metal tones. The case and bracelet are both made of steel, however, the case is PVD plated in rose gold, allowing for the watch to be worn with both gold and silver jewellery, adding to its versatility. The dial is white with a combination of Arabic-numeral hour markers and indices in rose gold. A mesh bracelet adds to the more modern youthful look of the timepiece. The model includes the iconic Scottie design, attached to the model at the lugs.

Navy crystal scottie

Radley | Women’s Navy Leather Strap | Floating Stone Dial |

This watch offers a romantic and remarkable design. The dial and the leather strap are both in matching navy blue. The case gold PVD plated steel and the dial is contrasted by rectangular indices in matching gold. What truly makes this timepiece stand out is the floating stone design of the dial. The crystals freely move within the dial, evoking the image if a stary night sky or shooting stars. Adding to this magical scene are three small heart beads, two in gold and one red, contrasting the rest of the design. 

purple tortoiseshell

Radley | Women’s Purple Silicone Strap | Off-White Dial

A delightful and colourful design makes this watch a fun addition to any casual outfit. Playing with patterns and colours, Radley is offering you a chance to experiment with and add a playful note to your everyday style in a more practical laid-back way. Ensuring you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd is the royal purple silicone strap. The plastic tortoiseshell case adds more interest to the model. The dial is in an off-white colour and features spherical hour-markers as well as Radley’s emblematic Scottie dog design. 

A Guide On Buying Radley Watches

Radley Liverpool Street | Green Leather Strap | White Dial

Trendy, with an understated dial, this model keeps the playful spirit of the brand’s identity alive, while still offering a sophisticated everyday timepiece. Green, especially rich emerald jewel tones, are incredibly popular this year. The reptile texture leather strap gives the watch a more classic look, while its green colour ensures you follow current styles in a more subtle way. A large rose gold PVD plated case and the white dial adds to the more mature, timeless look of the model. Large Arabic numeral markers keep the modern appeal of the timepiece. 

white floral scottie

Radley | Women’s Grey Leather Strap | Floral Print Dial

The design of this timepiece is refined and stylish. The dainty silhouette and light colours add to the luxurious look of the model. Its style is clean and classic, with a contemporary feminine dial. A light grey leather strap gives the watch a distinctly modern look. As a focus of the model, the dial has a faint cream and white plaid pattern and features a delicate floral design in neutral tones of brown, beige, black and purple, with rose gold detailing. The hour-markers are crystals, adding to the opulent look of the timepiece. Rose gold hands and a rose gold and white enamel Scottie charm contrast the stainless steel case. 

What do you think of Radley’s watch models? Let us know in the comments down below.

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